Meth Lab Testing & Decontamination Services

We Clean Meth Labs

For faster service, when contacting us we'll need to know the location of the cleanup site, the name of a contact person or family member and a general description of what happened.

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Meth Lab Testing in Iowa

Meth-lab testing and site assessment is the first step to determine if a property has been contaminated by "Meth" residues and to what extent. Until "Meth" testing has been performed a cost for a "Cleanup" cannot be determined.

Meth lab testing consists of obtaining physical wipe swab samples from surfaces such as walls and ceilings in a home. The samples are then collected and sent to an outside laboratory for analysis. In about a week results are known and from there we can determine if any the toxicity of the property and at what cost a "Cleanup" will be.

Iowa Meth Lab Decontamination

Our meth lab decontamination services include the following:

  • Physical on-site inspection
  • Quality controlled sample collection
  • Sample analysis by certified laboratory
  • Physical review of the property and development of sampling strategy
  • Law enforcement records research identifying the removal of gross contaminates
  • Final work report
  • Complete process documentation
  • Decontamination plan implementation
  • Decontamination program is structured to meet specific regulatory agency requirements
  • Clean up site such that any residual contaminant levels are below established threshold or risk-based levels