Police Department Cleanup Services

Do you need Police Cleanup Services?

For faster service, when contacting us we'll need to know the location of the cleanup site, the name of a contact person or family member and a general description of what happened.

We perform the following cleanup for Police Departments:

  • Police Cruisers
  • Police Transport Vehicles
  • Jail Cells / Holding Cells
  • Prisons
  • Contact us for a complete list of services

Biohazard Cleanup for Police & Law Enforcement

HIV, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis are just a few of the dangers that Iowa CTS Cleaners can eliminate in a jail cell, police cruisers & transport vehicle.

Iowa CTS Cleaners is prepared to handle any industrial accident, workplace incident involving blood, tissues, body fluids that require biohazard cleanup at a work site.

Threatening biohazards such as: blood, urine, feces, and vomit can be disinfected and removed from police cars and jail cells quickly and safely by our biohazard cleaning experts to provide a safe environment for both law enforcement personnel and criminal inmates. Eliminate employee dangers by having Iowa CTS Cleaners properly decontaminate any jail cell, police transport vehicle or other law enforcement property.

Let Iowa CTS Cleaners reduce the dangers of bloodborne pathogens found in biohazards such as blood and tissues.

Iowa CTS Cleaners is locally owned and operated serving the entire State of Iowa. We provide same day service in normally a few hours for response times. Iowa CTS Cleaners provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a reputation of quality service.