Suicide Cleanup Services

Helping ease the grief of Suicides

For faster service, when contacting us we'll need to know the location of the cleanup site, the name of a contact person or family member and a general description of what happened.

We clean the following types of Suicide Scenes:

  • Self-Inflicted Death
  • Attempted Suicide
  • Murder - Suicide
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Blood Biohazards
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Suicide Cleanup Services

Suicides are a very unfortunate event for families to experience, and Iowa CTS Cleaners is here to help with Suicide Cleanup Services if you ever need us. Our dedicated team of highly trained suicide scene cleaning professionals can safely and discreetly remedy any suicide scene involving biohazardous or infectious wastes and dispose of it properly.

John Krusenstjerna owner of Iowa CTS Cleaners understands how unfortunate a suicide death can be for a family and his team of suicide cleanup professionals are here to help. Iowa CTS Cleaners does everything possible to ensure privacy while at a suicide scene, by following a strict code of conduct and having un-marked vehicles at a scene.

Iowa CTS Cleaners performs suicide cleanup services throughout the entire State of Iowa with 24 Hour Emergency Response.

Beware of suicide cleanup companies that are not local. Due to internet advertising many suicide cleanup companies travel far distances to scenes. Hire a local professional that lives and works in the area that is fully qualified and certified to perform suicide cleaning legally.